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Do It Yourself Technology MBA



I reached a point in my career a few years ago where I wished I had an MBA, but it was difficult to get an MBA. It would be hard to stop working and get one, hard and expensive to find the time to do a part-time one, and I wasn’t working for a place that would pay for one at the time.

I don’t need the structure of an MBA program to provide motivation, and I’m not afraid to read. So I decided instead to just focus my reading practice towards an MBA curriculum.

My focus was on a Tech MBA which to me means learning about how to start, grow, and manage technology companies. The curriculum would need all the typical core classes, but electives that focus on technology leadership.

My research found all sorts of great sources for ideas:


Starting Points


Technical Leadership



Sales + Marketing + Negotiations


Startups + Rapid Growth

Product Management

Design + Innovation + Creativity

Technology in Context


Patrick Lencioni

I have special sections for Patrick Lencioni and Gerald Weinberg books. They are category-crossing, thought-provoking, solid reads.

Gerald Weinberg

Self-Awareness + Emotional Intelligence + Psychology


Case Studies / Other’s Experiences

Ongoing Practice

There are a million ways to keep up to date, here are a few.